Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Last Day Before School

Well, here it is - the last day before school. And, we are ready. Are you?

We've got the backpack clean and spiffy. Clean clothes (even a couple of new outfits). A haircut (that she is starting to like). School supplies (though we are lucky to not have to supply anything but a pocket folder). Lunch makings. And, we've had a few extra jam-packed days of fun, including island camping with Dad and some extra swimming hole dips with Mom.

I thought I'd check back in on two things.

First, lunch stuff update. We did purchase a few of the eco-friendly packing items I referenced the other day. Specifically, we got the LunchSkins, Kid Konserve stainless (and leak-proof) containers, a bamboo spoon, some Kid Konserve sandwich wraps, and a Thermos Foogo insulated thermos. We bought the fabric (some cute lightweight flannel) for the napkins--but, the sewing machine did not get unpacked. The fabric napkins will have to be added in later!

Oh, and for some extra fun, I got some veggie shape cutters (inspired by all the bento box blogs I'm now following - more on this soon!). In addition, my daughter and I brainstormed a "menu" for possible lunch items - then laminated it.

She's pretty excited about the whole thing--including packing her lunches (at least some of the time)--which is a great thing. She's been letting her Dad and I choose from the "menu" for the last couple of days. :) Yippee.

As an addendum--my sister, the ultimate resource, for future stainless water bottle purchases, she recommends getting them at LL Bean where they engrave them -- enough letters for your name and a phone number.

Second, better managing the bus dash. We have a history - a strong history--of dashing out the door (usually a lot of tension in the air!) to barely make (and sometimes miss) the bus. So, after following the lead of my friend Barbara, this year, I'm going to have a few of those last minute necessities in arms reach. I put together a basket which my daughter has aptly-named "The Rapido Basket" (heard Daddy and I yell "Rapido!" a few times, I'm guessing!). It has a hairbrush and accessories, a mirror, tissues and lunch/milk money. 

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