Monday, August 2, 2010

August: A Planner

Honestly, how did it become August already? For those of us that live in northern climates, the 1st of August is always a wake-up call--the season will be a-changing before we know it. Truth be told, Fall is actually my favorite season -- but, Summer is a close second. And, because it is such a short season in these parts, there is a-whole-lotta-living to be done in a short window.

So, here's what I've got planned (so far) for August:
  • Going to Circus Smirkus. Uncertain about whether to put this on your calendar? Read.
  • Spending time at our family "camp" (that's what Mainers call summer cottages/cabins). Playing games. Harvesting mussels. Picnics on the shore.
  • Checking out the Maine Fiber Arts Tour where I'll no doubt pick up some new fiber for knitting, felting and, well, filling the baskets around my house! :)
  • Taking my little fairy lover to the legendary Maine Fairy Festival.
  • Frequenting Bath Farmer's Market weekly to experience Maine's summer bounty.
  • Grilling with my husband - and friends - on our deck. Must say, I had some of the best tasting grilled haddock ever last weekend. Purchased the haddock from Port Clyde Fresh Catch while they were at the Bath Farmer's Market. Honestly, the best flavored fish ever! It isn't too late to participate in their "farm share". Check it out! Oh, and, if you are in Connecticut or New York, you are in luck - they deliver there, too!
  • Picking and freeze more blueberries so summer's goodness can be had come winter.
  • More visits to Five Islands Lobster Company for steamed lobster and clams.
  • Baking and eating more cupcakes in a mason jar - because my first batch was a huge hit!
  • Taking a Maine Foodie Tour. I was given tickets by 101MaineThingstoDo and am so excited to take my favorite little foodie (my daughter) and experience some of Portland's culinary faves behind-the-scenes.
  • Swimming in our secret and not-so-secret swimming holes.
What's on your planner for the month of August?

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