Thursday, August 26, 2010

Day 6: Re-Group

Okay, things are falling apart.

My little one hates the way her haircut turned out. The candy I let her pick out (this is HUGE-I've let her in the candy store twice in her life) was awful (okay, THAT was a little heartbreaking. Imagine, your mean mom never lets you buy candy, you are let into a candy store to pick out whatever you want, and well, it was disgusting. She tried not to cry. And, I slipped her a non-pareil and that seemed to console her.) Her backpack didn't come clean and, in fact, has wierd rust-looking stains all around it and I'm suddenly feeling like a schmuck for not buying her a new one (but, I'm still not going to). She's pretty much grumpy at me all day long. And, now, at this very moment, I'm thinking 6 more days is a really long time. :)

On the upside, we have managed to have some fun (Um, excuse me little miss grumpy...wasn't that nice of Daddy to take you to the theatre today? And how about that cool craft project we worked on together without interruptions from your baby sister?)...and we've managed to get a few things done. We sorted through all the mis-matched storage/plasticware; purchased new school shoes and a couple of  new outfits since my little one grew a whole bunch and there are oddly no hand-me-downs in line; got a haircut (albeit not your choice of a bang trim, but trust me, you need bangs, kiddo); and we brainstormed lunch ideas (stay tuned for the outcome).

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