Tuesday, August 3, 2010

How Velcro Has Done Us Wrong

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As a crafter, it pains me to bash velcro. It even seems a bit  hypocritical as I've sung your praises oh-so-often.

But, dear velcro, you've done me wrong. Really wrong.

For years, since I purchased my daughter's second pair of shoes, you have been the differentiator. I've literally decided between pairs of shoes based on your presence. Your presence--in the form of little velcro shoe straps--signaled less hectic attempts to get out the door with my child.

You served me well.

But, oh, how, I curse you now.

You have enabled me to ignore teaching my child that ever-so-important-skill - tying her shoes. And, now I am faced with shelf after shelf of tie-only shoes and an independent daughter with perfectionist skills who isn't happy at all with the fact that she doesn't instantly know how to tie her own shoes.

Darn it.

I've always prided myself on teaching the basics...and, somehow I've failed on this. And, now the stakes are high--e.g. my daughter is not always under my wing where I can assist.

I spent a good chunk of last night thinking about this (no comments on this, please)...and remembered quite clearly learning to tie shoes younger than she is. (Not because my mother was a better mother than me - though clearly she ranks high -- we didn't have velcro shoes back then. It all makes sense now -- I remember having a huge collection of very cute shoelaces to spice-up my sneaks.) And, my wonderful Uncle Ed taught me. I remember it vividly. (I wonder if my Mom and Dad had called in reinforcements as I, too, share this perfectionist trait of my daughter...)

Darn you, velcro. Why did you have to go and give me the easy way out...I should've known there would be a hefty price to pay.

So, I'm thinking my daughter needs a weekend with my Uncle Ed -- her Great Uncle Ed--to teach her the ropes. :) 'Cause it's clear she doesn't want to learn from me.

In the meantime, any tips out there!?!?

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  1. We just went through this same thing with Quincy. He wanted a cool pair of Pumas that had laces and the "cost" was he had to learn to tie his shoes. After a few sessions with both John and me (and a few tirades where he stormed out of the room), he got it.

    It's hard, but if they persevere they will get the hang of it. I looked online for tips and didn't find anything that seemed more helpful.

    One friend told me that OT's have some nifty tricks for helping kids learn more easily, so if you know any OT's you might ask them how they teach it.