Friday, August 27, 2010

Day 5: Switching Gears

So, today is my daughter's half-birthday. Yes, her half birthday.A half birthday?

Many, many years ago, my dear aunt tried to re-channel my sadness that my birthday always fell during school vacation. I was so sad that I never had in-school birthday celebrations. I was sad that we often didn't have a kid birthday party because we were doing something as a family on vacation.And, if I did have a party it seemed that often friends couldn't come because they were on vacation. (Hmm, it just donned on me that maybe that wasn't why...)

In any event, my aunt thought it would fun to celebrate my birthday in the summer - and my half birthday just so happen to fall in August, so a tradition was born. My mom thinks this is utterly ridiculous so has not really embraced this. I've completely abandoned even acknowledging my birthday. But, my aunt continues to recognize my half birthday. And, my little girl caught wind of this (it was a week-ish ago) and embraced it with the utmost enthusiasm (does any 6 year old girl not love the excuse to organize a party?). She told me I got to pick my dinner, pick my dessert and she made me all kinds of presents.

So, today is her day. And, lest you think it slipped her mind, it didn't. So I am completely abandoning back-to-school organizing and concentrated-summer-vacationing to celebrate my little six AND A HALF year old.

Have a great weekend.

PS. I'm thinking half a cake, half a card...but, no chance I'm whipping up a felted birthday crown

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