Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I Got Stung

Don't worry -- I didn't get stung by a bumble bee, I got stung by Green Bee's Lemon Sting soda.

I'm actually not much of a soda drinker. If I want bubbles, I tend to turn to things like seltzer, beer or prosecco.

But, today I was feeling "off" and while in the local natural market and this label (I am such a sucker for labels) caught my eye. Part of it was the pretty label -- and part of it is what the label said -- "Made in Maine. Local honey."

Well, it didn't cure what ails me this afternoon, BUT, it totally hit the spot. Totally light and refreshing. Turns out this soda is handcrafted in the next town over, Brunswick, Maine. So far the company has the one flavor, Lemon Sting which is made with just four ingredients (gotta love that!), including local honey. Rumor has it more flavors might be in the works. The soda is handcrafted and bottled by Christopher Kinkade at his wife's catering copy, Belle Fete. The soda can be found in 12-oz bottles at natural food stores and gourmet shops across the state.

Hat's off to  you Mr. Kinkade -- this is good stuff.

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  1. i have to agree, cute label. i'm not a soda drinker at all, but may have to give that one a try! too bad you didn't live closer, you could reap the benefits from my garden. we have an overabundance of veggies here!