Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Divine Giveaway

If you are a Maine-ly Home follower, you already know I'm a huge fan of Divine Twine and Whisker Graphics. If you aren't a regular, check out this post, or this post. 

Divine Twine comes in yummy colors and can be used in one zillion ways. Become a follower of Whitney's blog and you'll how lots of people are putting Divine Twine to use.

Right now, there's an awesome giveaway for some aqua blue Divine Twine. Enter the giveaway.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Another Awesome Giveaway

Okay, I promise, I'm not becoming a blog just posting about other blog/site giveaways -- but, when the giveaways are this good, I can't resist.

The Waldorf Shop has re-launched its site and in celebration, has lots of great giveaways, including felt from my favorite felt source, A Child's Dream. Check it out!

Oh, Hey, It's Summer!

{photo via my mom}

Today marks the official first day of Summer. And, here in Maine, the weather forecast promises a real summer day. Yahoo!

Unfortunately, I'll be glued to by computer working for much of the day.

But, I still plan to enjoy a bit of summer with my girls before the day is done. We'll eat an early dinner outside before heading to a concert at the town gazebo. And, maybe, just maybe, if all goes well, we'll walk by the new, totally awesome in-town ice cream shop.

Signs of Early Summer in Maine:
  • Fields of lupine appear everywhere.
  • Sea-side lobster shacks open for business.
  • People eat outside all the time. (Wander through our town in the evening and just take a whiff of the awesome grilling smells and listen to the laughter - mostly - of families enjoying a meal outside.)
  • Skunks appear. (I am generally a very tolerant person. But, I truly hate skunks. I have major issues with skunks. Just ask my husband or my mother.)
  • 1 in 3 (I'm guessing here) cars either has a boat trailed behind or a kayak or canoe pinned to the top.
  • There are a lot of people "from away" around. (Many years ago, my mom and dad instituted --- after a summer of houseguests nearly every week of the summer -- a rule that no one could come visit in the summer, unless they also came at some point in the winter.)
  • People are busily working on their houses and their yards.
  • Strawberries are starting to appear.
  • Farmer's markets are humming with excitement.
  • Rather than asking a friend or neighbor "how are you?" you ask, "how's the garden coming along?"
What does summer look like in your neck of the woods?

Thursday, June 16, 2011

This Place Matters - Please Vote

{photo via here}

I happen to live in a fantastic little town (how many times have I said this?) where great efforts have been poured into preserving the amazing historic structures that surround us. Like many people in this town, I live in a historic home that is 170+ years old. And, while there are days when I'd love to swap in this old beast for a newbie, most of the time I relish the opportunity to live in a piece of history. There is something very grounding about living in a place that has stood the test of time.

Anyhow, one of our town's buildings, the Winter Street Center (formerly the Winter Street Congregational Church - this building now serves as a building for events) has been selected as one of the 100 historic preservation projects competing in the "This Place Matters Community Challenge" sponsored by the National Trust for Historic Preservation. And, WE (anyone online!) can help make sure that this building wins - and receives a price of either $5,000, $10,000 or $25,000. This money is needed to make important restorations.

EVERY VOTE COUNTS! This place is the only place in Maine in the contest.  Others have many more people right in their area.  We need to get people from all over to help -- so spread the word!

Here's what you need to do: it only takes a few seconds!

2. On the right in the blue box click on 'Register or Get a Password Reminder'
3. Enter your email and zip code and press submit
4. (here's the BIG tip) hit your back button 3x and you can vote right there!