Monday, August 23, 2010

The Back to School Blues?

This morning it donned on me that there are 9 days left until the 1st day of school.

Okay, I'll admit (I'm not alone here, am I?) there is part of me that is excited about this realization.

At the same time, I feel a little pang of sadness, of panic, of disappointment. I've tried to cram in a lot this summer, including a lot of time with my children "doing summer things". Swimming, trips to the beach, spontaneous ice cream cones, a lemonade stand, dinner picnics, trips to the farm, making popsicles, time at "camp", boat rides, parades, fairs, farmer's market (yes, my daughter loves the farmer's market), art camp, outdoor music at the Gazebo, to name a few.

But, it suddenly doesn't feel like it was enough. Where did those days go -- you know-- the days when...

...I was going to teach her to knit;
...we were going to sit lazily in Adirondack chairs and read all afternoon;
...we were going to swim until our skin was wrinkly;
...we were going to make fish prints of all the fish we caught;
...we were going to attempt to can something together;

etc., etc.

Well, so be it. We've got 9 days left. Nine days more of fun (interspersed with various "getting ready" things and my work, of course!) goes!

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  1. I feel these moments sometimes after a vacation too. But instead of making a list of the things you didn't do, try to make one of the things you did. I bet it's even longer :)