Monday, September 26, 2011

The Fair.

It's Fay-eh (yea, that's how we say it here) time in Maine. And, my absolute favorite fair (Maine-ly Home followers and friends are likely tired of hearing this) is the Common Ground Fair.

I look forward to the Common Ground Fair every year. It's my mecca.

This year, there were lots of things working against my attempt to make the annual journey. We had just returned from a very long journey to a wonderful family wedding in Vermont. My husband (who loves The Fair almost as much as me) was overseas. I was not-quite-recovering from a flu/virus and battling a 3-day migraine. And, yet, amidst all that, I was still thinking of making the long journey with my two little girls. It's possible I was delirious from fever.

But, not going really isn't an option. For one thing, like I said, I look forward to it all year long. And, in addition, I collect (and display in our kitchen) the beautiful fair poster from each year that we go to the Fair. That's right, in addition to missing on all the Fair's goodness, if I didn't go, I wouldn't be able to get this year's poster. And, this year's poster featured mason jars (and, we all know about my passion for mason jars, right?). Enough said?

Fortunately (and, quite possibly out of guilt), my mom decided to take the journey with us (Thank you, Mom.).

It was a beautiful (albeit a little bit of a scorcher) day. The usual Common Ground Fair happiness abound (except quite possibly from my two little travel companions who were uncharacteristically grumpy.). Delicious (and organic) food everywhere you turned. Handcrafted wonders in exhibit tent after exhibit tent. Prized veggies on display. Fiddles, fiddles, fiddles! And, I'm certain, lots of interesting and educational talks, demos, etc. - but, well, once again, that wasn't on the to-do list of my little companions.

My brother-in-law (and sister, and niece and nephew) made the journey this year. First time in more than a decade. My brother-in-law was VERY excited about going and when we spotted him, he had only arrived moments ago (but had already grabbed some yummy food) and declared, "I'm so happy to be here." I smiled, "Take off your shoes and stay awhile." We all laughed. A little Common Ground Fair humor (it is the only fair I know of where a good portion of the attendees are actually barefoot).

The busy-factor kept me from taking my usual hundreds of photos, but, I did snap a few. Will I see you at The Fair next year?

Studying the Program

Cousins watching the border collie demos.

Vegetable-dyed yarn. Is it wrong to get so excited about fiber?

Squash anyone?

Miss R's first face painting!

The Sweet Annie tradition. Super fragrant herb/flower that signifies The Fair...and seen most often in makeshift head wreaths.

Catching some welcome shade (do you see the underlying crabbiness I mentioned?) under a picnic table.