Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Let's Have a Party!

I'm a huge Etsy fan. (I promise you'll hear this again and again from me.)

Not sure what Etsy is? It is an amazing collection of creative people selling their creations on line. Log on - and I dare you to limit your visit (not possible -- you'll be sucked in for hours of window shopping).

Anyhow, Etsy's birthday is June 18th, and in celebration they have launched Etsy Craft Party, a global initiative to energize your local community, make art together, and throw a party in your neck of the woods. They want to celebrate crafting together on June 18, 2010 with as many celebrations across the globe as possible.

Etsy and the Craft Party sponsors (more to be announced soon!) will provide every event organizer with a free downloadable Craft Party Kit containing crafty project instructions and templates, along with tips and ideas for hosting your own party. There might even be a few fun coupons and surprises — who knows?!

So, I invite you -- know I challenge you -- to organize an Etsy Craft Party. Not too long ago, I hosted the first in what I hope is many Crafternoons at my house. And, it was truly a ball to drink wine, eat cake and craft with friends. I'm thinking an Etsy Craft Party could be even better.

How It Works:
Etsy started an umbrella Etsy Craft Party on the new and fabulous Meetups Everywhere site. From this over-arching event anyone can start an Etsy Craft Party Meetup, attend an existing Craft Party Meetup, or even step up as an organizer (if there isn't one already).

If there isn't an Etsy Craft Party Meetup scheduled in your town yet, click Schedule a Meetup near you to get one on the map.

To find a local Meetup, just search for your town on the Etsy Meetup map and click I'm interested. That will let others know that you'll be there on June 18, and together you can decide what project(s) to make, what snacks to nibble on, and what your individual Craft Party will be like.

Then, drop some ideas for a location and activity for the Meetup in the comment box to help folks get ideas flowing on where to meet. If your Craft Party Meetup doesn't have an organizer, you should consider stepping up. This will enable you to set the location, change the time, and to curate comments and guests.


  1. Oh my goodness! I love this idea!!! I will have to search to see what's happening up here in vermont...

    PS - I am still made at you for knowing about ETSY for the last decade and NOT telling me all about it. That's all (-: