Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Green Time

{image via Sprout}

As we established a few days ago, summer has officially arrived. In my life that means for the next few months I'm trying to cram in a whole lot of summer living. In the spirit of slowing down, I'm hoping to not be a slave to a schedule.

The reality is, however, (though my husband will disagree with me on this point!), that one does always need to know the time. And, well, I keep looking at my grown-up metal watch and thinking that I'd like to spice things up a bit. So, I was pretty pumped to find this cool watch. It comes in a million colors (including subdued colors-- but, c'mon it's summer!) -- but, this blue and green combo is my favorite.

Here's the real bonus -- it is $24 -- and VERY green.

A green watch? Yup. You bet. Here are some of the green features:
  • Sprout® watches have fabric bands made from green materials -- organic cotton, bamboo, and corn resin (corn resin will actually break down in a compostable environment!).
  • Sprout® lenses are made from Mineral crystal which is a type of glass made from sand. It can technically be recycled.
  • Sprout® packaging is made from at least 80% post consumer fibers. It is both recycled and recyclable.
  • Sprout® batteries are mercury-free.
  • Sprout watches are entirely lead and phthalate free
So, what are you waiting for...swap out whatever is on your wrist for this fun AND green watch.


  1. is this a "mom...i really do want this"

  2. Lol. No, I would have hinted so! But, thanks, Mom. You ARE the best.