Sunday, June 20, 2010

It's Official

Summer has officially arrived. It's summer solstice today, in case you didn't know!

My Summer Wishes:
  • little girls (my girls) who are sweaty, dirty and tired from having so much fun
  • listening to music -- in outdoor parks and in cabins on Sundays at "camp"
  • camping (at least once) with my family (wish us luck...Baby R promises to challenge us in this arena)
  • boat rides in our  little Morning Star in Merrymeeting Bay and down the Kennebec and Back Rivers
  • sand in my toes
  • swimming in favorite secret (and not-so-secret) swimming holes
  • listening to (and watching) fishing stories...and hopefully eating some fresh fish (trout or stripers!)
  • eating lobster on a dock -- the only way I believe it should be eaten
  • more meals outside than in
  • summer carnivals/fairs -- the kind that serve strawberry shortcake and fresh squeezed lemonade)
  • frequent (and impromptu -- the best kind!) gatherings of family and friends
  • watermelon, watermelon, watermelon
  • ice cream (preferably locally made) chins
  • sand castles
What are YOUR summer wishes?


    1. great wishes and even better photos! there is nothing better than dirty little toes in the summertime.

    2. I love love love this list! believe it or not, I found your blog through facebook on the whoopie pie festival page. :) I'm another Mainer (in my heart!!) And my to-do list looks much like yours!