Friday, June 18, 2010

Celebrations - oh my!

 {photo via Film and Thread}

Wow, who knew June 18th could be such a busy day?

As I've been saying all week, it's Etsy's birthday. This, of course, means we are supposed to be celebrating by participating in or hosting a craft party. But, it also means, in my book, that I'll just have to celebrate with some Etsy shopping. Yippee!

But, lo and behold, June 18th is also...are you ready?....National Picnic Day. What a splendidly important day to celebrate, don't you think?

So, now, of course, I have picnics on the brain. Oh, how I love a picnic!  What do you like to pack in your picnic basket? A loaf of artisan bread and cheese? Fried chicken and potato salad? Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches? Sandwiches from the local sandwich shop?

For years, I have dreamed of having one of those fancy vintage-style picnic baskets (picnic hampers is actually what I think they are called.). You know, the kind with the real flatware, glasses and plates and checkered napkins? It goes hand-in-hand with my image of pulling up to a Maine coastal hide-away in a vintage pick-up truck (or convertible, I'm flexible).

But, my actual life lends itself more to an insulated backpack or perhaps an insulated market tote:

I am, however, totally inspired to step back into my romantic vision of life and get one of these eco-friendly options (e.g. bamboo plates, cutting board and utensils, wine glasses made from recycled glass, natural and undyed cotton napkins; etc.) from Uncommon Goods. How cool is the little wine and cheese table!?!

And, in the spirit of keeping children busy (a reality of my actual life) and giving Etsy another nod, here is the perfect felt picnic basket for your little one!

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  1. i can attest to just how long this dream of a picnic hamper has gone on......i'm going to get the wine and cheese you think it would work at a nascar race....

  2. Hmmm, somehow a bamboo wine table doesn't seem like it would mix with the Budweiser in a can scene I equate with Nascar.