Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Know Your Fish

So, have you noticed a theme here this week? ;)

In all likelihood, you'll see this theme re-occurring from time to time. After all, as I have already told you, I love all-things-fish.

And, because I love fish, I'm also pretty keen on wanting to know which fish are the "best" to eat -- meaning which fish won't harm me (too much mercury) and which fish are fished in a sustainable way.

Fortunately, a couple of great organizations have done all the legwork--all you have to do is download or printout one of the sustainable seafood guides listed below ...well, and, then, make the right choice off the menu, at the sushi bar, at the fish market, etc.

Yea,  I know, some of those fish that aren't good choices are the really yummy ones. But, hey, you wouldn't want to be the one responsible for eating the last Chilean Sea Bass, would you?

Sustainable Seafood Guides
Several organizations have put out sustainable seafood guides, including the Environmental Defense Fund, Marine Stewardship Council, Natural Resources Defense Council, etc. I think my favorite is the one produced by the Monterrey Bay Aquarium. You can order (or download/print) a guide specific to your region of the United States -- and they even offer an app if you are one of those iphone users!

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