Thursday, May 6, 2010

Let's Save the Post Office

Isle Au 
Haut Post Office

 (Photo from Island Institute's website).

It is no secret to most that the U.S. Postal Service is struggling. They claim that part of their failure is due to the growing use of electronic communications (guilty) over traditional mail -- and in response, they threaten changes like reduced delivery service.

For Maine island communities, however, the potential loss of mail service has been a constant threat for years, simply because their volume of mail is so small.

Well, if you have ever lived in - or even visited- a small town then you know that a small town's Post Office is an important (dare I say, critical?) part of the community. In these small communities, a Post Office not only provides a venue to/from the bigger world, but also a place to connect with the community at-hand.

Believe it or not, regardless of where you live, you can help ensure the Post Offices on Maine Islands don't close. And, it's really easy -- all you have to do is buy your stamps by mail from these island post offices. Selling stamps by mail is one way these institutions can maintain their income and, therefore, remain in business.

The Island Institute (a membership-based community development organization focusing on the Gulf of Maine, particularly the fifteen year-round island communities off the Maine coast) has been helping these Maine island Post Offices grow their stamps-by-mail initiative. Learn More about the island communities at The Island Institute -- and consider ordering your stamps by mail following the instructions below or on The Island Institute's website.

How to Order Stamps By Mail

To support a Maine island post office, download and print the order form. Once completed, mail the form to one of the island post offices. Address your envelope as follows:

Cliff Island...04019
Long Island...04050
North Haven...04853
Swan’s Island ...04685
Cranberry Isles...04625
Isle au Haut...04645
Peaks Island...04108

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