Friday, May 28, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend Addendum

Oh, how could I forget? (Thanks, Mom, for the reminder.)

The other thing Memorial Day represents in my life is opening up "camp".

I'll be talking more about "camps" another day. But, essentially, it is not uncommon for Maine families to have a "camp" elsewhere in the state. Typically a rustic (though I've seen plenty of "camps" that I'd die for as my primary home!) cabin in the woods, on a lake or by the ocean, the camps are often passed through generations and serve as hubs for family activities for many, many years.

My family just so happens (thanks to the foresight? of my great grandfather) to have the coolest family camp ever -- more on that another day! And, while I'm not there to help open it up this year, I know my uncle (and whomever else he can round up!) is busily getting camp ready for the summer. (Here's hoping, as we always do, that the mice didn't get the best of everything...)

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