Friday, May 7, 2010

The Myth About Mother's Day

I've always thought that Mother's Day was about honoring your mother.

And, for years, I believed that one honored their mother by making her breakfast in bed, making her homemade gifts, spending the day with her, etc.

But, now I know the truth.

The truth, for example, that breakfast in bed = stress listening the mayhem of preparation and a messier kitchen to clean-up later.

I love my children more than anything and, honestly, spending time with them is a true gift. And, well, homemade gifts are precious.

But, I'm thinking (am I alone here?) that every once in a while the real way to honor a mother...the real way to show her how much you appreciate her - is to...well, give her the day off. :)

To all those mothers out there, I hope Mother's Day is wonderful -- however you choose to spend it.

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