Monday, May 17, 2010

It Doesn't Get Any Fresher

(photos from Port Clyde Fresh)
At the very tip of the St. George peninsula in Midcoast Maine, you will find the small fishing village of Port Clyde. Port Clyde sits at the confluence of Muscongus and Penobscot bays, providing key access to a myriad of fishing grounds.

In Port Clyde (if you live there year-round, that is), it is all about the fishing -- and it has been for some 200 years. Historically, when the fish were running, the village's church bells would ring, calling all the women in the community to the fish factory where they would clean and package the fresh catch.

Today, Port Clyde's fishing heritage prevails--albeit on a much smaller scale. A dozen fishing vessel make up Port Clyde's fleet, catching haddock, flounder, cod, pollack and hake. Determined to preserve their heritage and the resources they depend on, the fisherpeople of Port Clyde community have developed the Port Clyde Fresh Catch™ brand to bring you fish and shrimp harvested from the icy waters of the Gulf of Maine using environmentally sustainable fishing methods.

So, now, with the click of your mouse or a quick call, you can have the freshest catch delivered to you, no matter where you are. Check out Port Clyde Fresh Catch™.

Not interested in cooking your own seafood, but want the good stuff? Look here to see where Port Clyde Fresh Catch is being served in Maine and beyond!

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