Friday, April 23, 2010

It's All About the Fish

I love fish.

I love to eat them.

I love fishy things (Not stinky things, but things with fish on them...pottery, paintings, etc.We even make fish prints of fish we catch -- check it out in the photo above.).

I even like to catch 'em ( I have discovered, however, since marrying my husband that I'm not a hardcore fisherperson by any stretch....I just enjoy an occasional afternoon of fishing.).

Well, it's a good thing...

Not only did I marry into a big fishing family (My father-in-law is known as one of the area's fishing gurus and actually writes columns on fishing, for starters.), but also, in the two places (have I explained that yet?) I live, it's all about the fishing.

Okay, maybe not all about the fishing....but a lot about the fishing.

April marks the opening of fishing season. Up here in the Eastern Sierra (California), where I am currently, this weekend marks the opening of fishing season. Now, I should point out, up here in the mountains it is also still ski season...and some of the frozen lakes haven't even opened up. But, nevertheless, the businesses that had shut their doors at the end of fishing season in the fall are opening up...and fisherpeople are arriving. Might be a little hard to hold that flyrod with a frozen hand, but by golly, they'll be fishing.

Me? Well, I'm sort of a fair-weather fishing person (and, I have this problem where I think like the fly, not the fish...) instead, I'll be enjoying a big cup of coffee on my very favorite coffee shop (more on that soon) that opens its doors tomorrow at 7 a.m. for the first time since November.


  1. hmmm would that be the famous fisherman in the water looking for his fishing pole...