Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Laughing for a Living

On many days, I think I'm pretty lucky to have the job I have. But, I'm telling you, my friend Katie has it made--she laughs for a living. Seriously.

Convinced that the world would be a better place with more laughter, Katie started The Levity Project--a social movement creating change through public acts of play, laughter, and celebration. With a mission of helping to decrease negativity, stress and fatigue in our society, The Levity Project aims to infuse public spaces with a lighter and more buoyant energy.

I had the privilege (though I didn't think so at the time) to attend one of Katie's Laughter Yoga sessions in Bath, Maine. Really, it was my worst nightmare. Laughter under pressure in front of other people? Eek. What a way to tap into my social anxiety issues. Anyhow, I wanted to be a good friend, so I went. And, I brought along a friend who shares my anxieties about this kind of situation. (About five minutes into the yoga session I whispered to the friend I'd brought along, "Are you going to kill me?" And, she said, "Yes." Oh no, social anxiety and losing friendships.) I left an hour later, lighter and more relaxed than I'd been in...well, a long time. Good stuff. No, great stuff. And, I've put some of those laughter yoga moves into place since then to help me through some tough times.

To celebrate World Laughter Day 2010, Katie went to New York City. Can you imagine trying to ignite a laughter event in the middle of Grand Central Station -- especially the morning after the terrorist attempt at nearby Times Square? Well, she and the other Laughter Yoga instructors did it. Laughter everywhere. Check out the awesome video on

Laughter Yoga might not have made it to your neighborhood yet. But, look for it -- and, if you find it, try it. Or, better yet, why not become a laughter pioneer in your neighborhood -- get trained by Katie. Learn more.


  1. There is a group in Laguna Beach, they meet in the mornings on the Main Beach. I've attended a few times to break up a morning beach run, and really liked it!

  2. This is awesome!! I didn't even know about this. Thanks for sharing. I tried to go to the Levity project link though and it tried to give me a virus or something. That's not good. I think there's something wrong with the site because even when I googled it, it doesn't come up. You might want to check this, so that others don't click on this link. Fortunately I have a good firewall :)