Sunday, July 18, 2010

What's a Girl To Do?

Since forever, I have loved a certain little farmhouse. It is quintessential Maine. A screened in porch, white clapboards, black shutters, a granite slab stoop and a red door. The house sits on an open, sloping piece of land (bordered by trees, of course) that is covered with grass with an occasional granite boulder popping through. Beautiful perennial gardens and a picket fence around the patio in back. And, although you can't see the water from the house, it is just a hop, skip and a jump from the water.
For many years, every time I drive by this particular house I say out loud (just ask my husband for confirmation on this!), "If this house ever goes for sale, I want it. Of course, it never will, because this is - I can tell - one of those houses that stays in a family forever."

I drive by and think about how I'd hang a swing in the big oak tree...about how I'd put in a little vegetable garden...about creating a little home for some chickens...about how sweet those roses must smell...about sipping my coffee on that screened in porch, listening to the seagulls, smelling the nearby sea air.

Well, much to my surprise, when I drove by it this weekend, there was a For Sale sign on the house. It has completely thrown me for a loop. I had this little fantasy...and, now, well, now what!?!

Do you have a house that you dream of?


  1. I have to say- your home is a dream cottage too! I would be torn if I were you-= but don't forget how wonderful your little piece of Bath already is!