Monday, July 12, 2010

Someone Else Baked the Bread.

{photo via treats of maine}

This weekend we had our first trip to the Bath Farmer's Market in quite a while (we've been away - trust me, if I'm here, I go every week!) -- oh, how I love the Bath Farmer's Market. You'll hear more about this from time to time, like it or not! :)

Of course, I love the wonderful offerings -- organic produce and seedlings, flowers, baked goods, cheese, even handmade goodies like soap and sweaters.

But, I also just love the scene. The market takes place by the river which creates a lovely backdrop. A sense of local abundance abounds. Kids playing on the grass, eating rolls and doughnuts, kids standing in line to buy their honey sticks. Adults with their baskets in hand, buying stuff, and catching up with friends and neighbors. It's all really good stuff.

When I got home from the market on Saturday I emptied my basket and found a loaf of bread. I was struck with surprise. We hadn't bought a loaf of bread (except for an occasional loaf of basic sandwich bread) in 10 months since I started making my own --it was almost foreign to me to see a loaf made by someone else. Turns out, my husband, a huge fan of Borealis Breads, couldn't resist. And, I'm glad. I had a piece last night, toasted with local lime-pepper flavored goat cheese (also from the Farmer's market)--and it was to die for.

If you are in the market for good bread, I highly recommend Borealis Breads. The rustic breads are leavened with a sourdough starter, shaped by hand and baked on a stone hearth. You can find the bread at Borealis' bakery and retail stores located in Portland, Waldoboro and Wells, at farmer's markets and at stores throughout Maine.


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