Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Do-Over-Dessert: Ice Cream Your Kids Can Make

My husband and I purchased an ice cream ball from LL Bean for my nieces and nephew at least three Christmases ago, and much to my surprise, they have never used it despite the fact that we gave them everything they needed (included flavor extracts and rock salt!), except the cream! (I think my sister's concern for the mess was the rationale for letting it collect dust in her basement.)

In any event, it seemed ridiculous that this hadn't been used -- and I had the perfect opportunity to put it to use-- eight cousins in the backyard!

It really was easy as can be -- just plop the ingredients in and let the kids go nuts. And, they did - at one point, I saw them rolling it down the slide on the swingset! In any event, we made basic vanilla ice cream and it was super-yummy. The kids were super impressed.

So, if you've been thinking about getting one of these, now is the time! I'm envisioning a birthday party activity...or, better yet, a leisurely glass of wine with friends while our kids are busy!

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