Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tuesday Shoesday

Tuesday Shoesday is a weekly feature on LoveVermont. And, the author of LoveVermont just so happens to be my cousin. My much-more-hip-than-me (And, younger, which I point out simply as my attempt to rationalize my lack of hip-ness.) cousin.

Each week Kate features some really awesome, super cute shoe that she has found somewhere.

And, each week after reading Tuesday Shoesday, I sigh (sometimes I even chuckle) as I look at the photos of the uber-cute shoes and then at my feet.

You see, when I left the big city and my big city job to return to my small-town roots, one of my aspirations was to have a job and a life where I could wear my Dansko clogs regularly.

I'm totally serious. I even told my boss this when I resigned.

Well, I'm pleased to report that I have that life --and that job.

I wear my Dansko clogs nearly every day. And, I'm super excited to have just found and purchased some summer clogs. (My mom who is not a big fan of the chunky Dansko, will, of course, be horrified.)

Now, don't get me wrong...I'm plenty intrigued by the very cute and hip shoes that LoveVermont features (keep up the good work, Kate!)...I might even get a featured pair one of these days...but, I'm also pleased as punch to be walking around in my clogs.


  1. I would love to wear the ones Kate chose.

  2. oh just you wait - i have a super cute pair of danskos waiting in the wings for next tuesday shoesday...

    (and please know that every single pair that i post is only worn in my dream cyber life. my daily footwear of choice in real life is now remarkably similar to my super hip older cousin west coast cousin - and i couldn't be happier!)

  3. That's it, I'm being a total copy cat but I LOVE those and they would totally work as a work/play shoe so I can "write that off" as a business expense! Did you get them online?

  4. I purchased mine The Walking Company, but you can get them online at onlineshoes....