Monday, April 26, 2010

Crafternoon: Felted Bowls Oh My!

Although I come from a family with generations of knitters, I have somehow missed the knitting bandwagon.

Truth is, I've tried to learn --but it has never clicked. Until last month. And from one month to the next I've gone from a non-knitter to a knitting fanatic. I'm hooked (Too bad I didn't learn to crochet, that would be a great line!).

Now, don't get too exited, I'm not knitting anything fancy yet. But, I'm knitting almost every day--and each day my stitches look a little more consistent and I get a little more ambitious. And, the production is significant--I'm cranking out finished projects lickety-split.

Sweaters? Scarves? Mittens? Socks? No.


Yes, bowls. 

I found this very simple pattern from a book called One Skein: 30 Quick Projects to Knit or Crochet. The bowl is knit (much like a hat pattern), then felted in the washing machine. I've now modified the pattern some to create the depth of bowl I prefer (Aren't I fancy having the confidence to alter a pattern?).

A Knitted Felted Bowl: Before and After

The knitted/felted bowl is a great quick project (I can crank one out while watching an episode of Brothers and Sisters, for example!:)) and a great way to use up miscellaneous skeins of yarn.

When I tell people I'm knitting bowls--and even when I show them a finished one they are a little perplexed. "What would I use this for," they ask.

C'mon...what wouldn't you use this for?

A place to put your shell collection, a top-of-the-dresser catch-all, a gift basket, a planter, a coffee table decoration....use your imagination! (The collage below -- a collection of SOME of the ones that have been made by my aunt, my mom and me in the last month--might give you some ideas of how to put these bowls to use!)

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