Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Breaking the Rules: Dinner Games

One of the many "when I'm a mother" proclamations that I made was that I was never going to let my kids play games at the dinner table. I had (have!) this vision that dinners should involve the whole family eating and talking. My vision never included separate meals and it certainly never included giving my children games and other activities to occupy them while we ate.

I am pleased to say that my vision of family meals is a reality. And, well, until lately, I've managed to keep games and other activities off the dinner table. 

Imagine my dismay when my awesome sister-in-law gave us a set of "Dinner Games" for Christmas this year. I tucked it away vowing that I wouldn't use it. (No offense K, if you are reading this!)

Well, not too long ago after several nights of frustrating meals...(Surely, you know the kind...rationing out bites, arguments about what was being served, threats, bribes...), I pulled out the Dinner Games.

Much to my surprise, this game is full of ENGAGING, largely conversation-based activities/games. It not only got us through the meal, but got us through the meal laughing and happy. So, I'm sold...and I owe my SIL a big thank you (and perhaps an apology?). We still strive to have dinners without activities, but a night or two a week, we pull out the Dinner Games.

Intrigued? Desperate? You can get your own set at Hearthsong.

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