Thursday, October 28, 2010

Weekend Halloween Festivities

Man, oh, man. There are SO many local Halloween-y options for the weekend. Here are just a few I have my eyes on...
  • Trick or  Treat Tromp. It takes place in Bath at Waterfront Park from 3-5. Parade. Candy. Photos by awesome photographer SoggyDogDesigns. Learn more.
  • 15th Annual Pirates Party at the Maine Maritime Museum (Bath, Maine). 
  • Camp Sunshine Pumpkin Festival at LL Bean. Pumpkin carving (and lots of other activities) for a cause.
  • Red Cloak Haunted History Tour. The Lady in the Red Cloak wanders the streets with a lantern in hand (I've seen her for years and always wanted to know what she has to say. Of course, there is the risk she'll tell tales of ghosts living in my 170 year old house. Get the scoop on the tours.
And, of course, we've got to carve our own pumpkins, put finishing touches on our costumes and gear up for trick or treating.

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