Sunday, October 3, 2010

October: A Planner

So, I'm feeling a little gun shy this a.m., putting together my October Planner when I haven't finished the items on my September Planner.

But here goes... are some of the things I have planned for October:
  • Making applesauce. Have I mentioned that I have 40 lbs of apples awaiting...? :)
  • Checking out Damariscotta's Pumpkin Festival. It's famous. It's all about pumpkins. Contests for size, contests for carving. Pumpkin food. Pumpkin parade. They even have a regatta (both motorized and unmotorized) in the harbor with boats made out of ginormous pumpkins.
  • Mums. I need to purchase mums for my porch. But, first, the painters need to finish painting it (my porch, that is). 
  • Knitting.
  • Going camping with my family. We're headed to Baxter State Park this time.
  • Pumpkin picking (location to be determined) and pumpkin carving. 
  • Baking goodness with pumpkins.
  • Costume making. Butterfly. Caterpillar. Flower. Butterfly catcher. Oh my. (Ideas welcomed.)
I just know there is much, much, much more I want to do in October. But, think I'll still with this list for now.

What do you have planned for October?

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