Thursday, October 28, 2010

OooLaLa! It's National Chocolate Day!

Did you know? I didn't. But, thankfully, the Internet informed me in time. You see, I'm a huge chocolate fan.But, not just any old chocolate. Good chocolate.

Honestly, it is my biggest weakness (no comments from the peanut gallery on other weaknesses). I could do without sugar. But, eliminate dark chocolate from my life? Can't be done, I'm afraid.

I credit (blame?) my French genes. My grandfather Pierre was also a huge chocolate fan. He typically started a meal by thinking about what chocolate concoction would end his meal. Love that.

Even one of my very closest friendships has a rich chocolate history. I'm serious. A woman I met while studying in Africa shared my chocolate passion. But, chocolate wasn't easy to come by. She and I would buy chocolate (Cadbury chocolate was the only chocolate available) in Nairobi and stash it so when we were in the bush we could have small rations of chocolate goodness. The moment I knew when this lovely woman would be my friend forever? When I gave her (she stole?) my last piece of chocolate when we were camped out in Samburu -- days away from seeing chocolate.

Today, it seems, there are so many wonderful chocolates on the market. I'm a big fan of Endangered Species Chocolate which not only is delicious, but also practices sustainability and gives portions of its procees to organizations near and dear to my heart, like the African Wildlife Foundation. My current chocolate of choice? Chocolove Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt and Almonds. It is the perfect concoction of sweet, salty and dark rich chocolate. And, as an added bonus, a love poem inside!You've got to try it.

If you are in Maine, there are all sorts of chocolate wonders. Havens has been making chocolate wonderfulness since 1915. You can even tour the chocolate factory! Or, chocolate and blueberry combinations like Maine Munchies. Or a local favorite, Main Sweets -- her needhams (a Maine chocolate tradition which contains potato!) are to die for.

Whatever your favorite chocolate concoction is, I hope you enjoy some today -- it's mandatory.

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  1. The chocolate was definitely stolen...and said person's problem continues...often found eating her kids' chocolate goodies.