Friday, October 29, 2010

Pumpkin Patch Failures

Are you tired of me talking about how much I love Fall? Sorry. It runs deep.

Anyhow, one of my VERY favorite Fall activities is getting pumpkins. In part because of the part because of the photo opportunities.

This year's pumpkin gathering, however, didn't go exactly as hoped.

Attempt number one. Vision. A hayride to pumpkin patch. Charming in concept; disappointing in execution. The day turned out to be exceptionally warm (75!) which meant the girls were in summer clothes which wasn't what I had in mind for the pictures. The second disappointment was that the pumpkins were ever-so-obviously (evidenced by the huge empty box marked pumpkins) planted in the field and were miniature (look at the disappointment on Baby R's face!)- hardly appropriate for carving. Sigh.

Attempt number two. Weather chilly enough to seem more appropriate. Pumpkins large enough to satisfy. But, pumpkin hat forgotten and only 11 minutes at the pumpkin patch on the way to take Dad to the airport.

Result? A beautiful and huge pumpkin...and exactly 11 minutes of great fun with my pumpkins.


  1. Oh no they didn't! bought pumpkins and pretended to have grown them, SHAME! They are cuties, minus the pumpkin hat and all:)