Friday, October 8, 2010

How Do You Find the Best Fall Color in Maine?

Last week my husband and I were exploring back roads (one of our favorite past times) and I burst out into laughter.

I turned to D to explain my outburst, "Do you realize that we are surrounded by amazing colorful leaves and we almost aren't even noticing them? Can you imagine if some our friends from out west were here?"

He concurred.

Although I sometimes become blinded by the color...or should I say, blind to the color? But, I do love it.
 If you are in Maine - or coming to Maine, you'll be happy to know that we (the state) try to capitalize on this season's color. You can find "the best" color with this foliage map. Yes, a foliage map. We are heading into the "peak" zone this weekend.

{map via here}

Happy weekend.

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  1. Wonderful blog! I'm from away as well, but feel like I was born to live here. Fall is by far our most glorious season.