Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A New Take on Trick or Treat

Last night my daughter sketched out her vision for a trick or treat bag. 100% self-inspired. (Not only the ideas - but the idea of creating a trick or treat bag to begin with.) And, honestly, I'm in awe of her little notes and sketches. I

I'm a little annoyed by one thing though. In the bottom righthand corner of her elaborate drawings, Little Miss Sassafras (my new nickname for her), wrote (in her phonetic writing), "My mom always has very bad ideas."

Seriously? Was that necessary?!

Apparently, when she inquired about how to make the 3-dimensional felt pumpkin shape that she had determined would serve as the base for her trick or treat bag, she didn't like my ideas of paper mache or wet felting. Were those suggestions really lame? At the time, I was thinking they were not only clever, but downright generous. I mean, afterall, do I really have time to take on a giant wet-felting or paper mache project with my daughter? Not now, my Little Miss Sassafras. :)

In any event, I had to laugh this morning about the irony in my life. Still wounded from the little note about my bad ideas, I read my email which included one from Garnet Hill (one of my favorite catalogs) and discovered a totally adorable burlap trick or treat bag. And, not only is the trick or treat bag adorable, but it benefits Unicef (for every bag purchased, Garnet Hill will make a donation -- $3.50 -- to provide a child in the developing world with one year's worth of micronutrient powder).

 {photo via here}

Do you remember as a child (or am I dating myself there?) carrying your trick or treat bag in one hand and the little Unicef box in the other?

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