Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Forcing Spring

Spring. The transition period between winter and summer. It inspires images of green, blooming flowers and earth's re-birth.

But, in my life (except for the decade I lived in Washington, DC where Spring really is to die for), Spring is that season that never really comes on time...and rarely ever clearly defines itself.

We see signs. A warm day that inspires us to shed those many winter layers. A crocus poking through the earth. But, those warm days are more often than not followed by a chilly March wind. And, those crocuses, often get suffocated by a Spring snow.

Still, Spring gets under our skin. We look for change. We anticipate growth. And, well, when necessary, we help coax it along. Some call it "forcing". I like to think of it as an invitation.

This year, I'm inviting Spring into my home by forcing blossoms from a nearby cherry tree.

How-To Invite Spring into Your Home
  • Cut blossoms from a tree or bush (apple, cherry, forsythia to name a few) when buds are just beginning to swell.
  • Split bottoms of stems -- or, in my case, use a carrot peeler to take a little of the bark off.
  • Place in a vase or container of your choice.
  • Fill with water.
  • Place in a warm place (but not direct sun).
  • Change water every few days.
  • Wait.
In just a few weeks (maybe four weeks for cherry blossoms), Spring WILL be in your home, ready or not.

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