Thursday, March 18, 2010

Eggs-axctly What I Was Looking For

I know, I know, it's that egg theme again. :) Crazy egg-obsessed woman.

This time, however, it's all about Easter eggs.

We love decorating Easter eggs. We are not, however, crazy about all those creepy dyes that seem to stay on your hands for weeks. Imagine my delight when I discovered via one of my favorite blogs Soulemama that a new eco- and kid-friendly egg dyeing product has hit the market.

This new product, Eco-Eggs, is an Easter egg coloring kit that uses natural ingredients (e.g. purple sweet potato, paprika, red cabbage and blueberries) to color eggs. The kit also includes soy-crayons for decorating. As if this wasn't exciting enough, I have learned that the kit comes from a Maine company called Eco-Kids

Needless to say, I have ordered the product and I am happy to report it is on its way. Stay tuned for our 2010 egg dyeing adventures...


  1. Michelle
    I love your blog.

    I have a question cause I am so excited about this product too! what can I do about the whole brown egg thing. Let me know whether this dye works on brown eggs as well.

    Did you see Martha Stewart's issue on egg stickers...super cute. We are trying it out this week.

  2. Hi Katie, Thanks for your sweet comments about my blog. I'm having a ball writing it. I just got my dye kit (I ordered it -- but they have them at Whole Foods in Portland!) and plan on using this weekend. I'm imagining that white eggs would certainly work better, especially given that they imply that this dye requires double dipping. We shall see (although I did buy some white eggs just for this occasion!)