Monday, November 15, 2010

Taming the Art: Unique Ideas for Preserving Your Child's Art

In six plus years, my daughter has created many treasured pieces of art. Some of my favorites, include the very early people drawings. Huge heads with big smiles. Big bellies. Skinny legs. Love 'em. My daughter's current specialty? Flowers, especially Roses (inspired by her baby sister, I suppose). I love the idea of preserving these masterpieces in unique ways. Naturally, some crafty folks at Etsy have come up with some super clever and beautiful ways to preserve (or repurpose?) your child's art.

Pendant. I love this pendant with a miniature version of your child's drawing. Check out the details.

And, how about a nifty Key Fob that anyone would be proud to carry.

And, here's another great pendant or charm.

I'm thinking there are some great grandparent gift ideas here....what do you think?


  1. i think the pendant would be a great grandmother gift....

  2. Hi Michelle, we met at 'tumbling' a few weeks back. Checking out your blog and can't believe how appropriate today's post is. Nina and I just went through drawers, bags and boxes of her artwork, whittling it down to some masterpieces to have made into cards. Now I am armed with other ideas. Thanks! Happy blogging!
    Lorna R