Tuesday, November 30, 2010

So Behind Already

Holy smokes, it is November 30th, and I've just returned from a long vacation with my family. That's the good news - vacation with my family.

The bad news? It's November 30th and that means tomorrow is December 1st which means things are about to get really busy. It also means it's time to dazzle my family with the latest advent calendar inspiration. Every year it's a bit different.

Last year, I numbered little galvanized pails and hung them on a clothesline filled with little trinkets and messages. Kind of like this one from Garnet Hill which is SO on sale, I just ordered one. Just because. I know, that seems silly, since I have one already. Shoot. Maybe I shouldn't have done that. Oh well.

Via Here

One of my traditions is to have more than one advent "calendar". I know, it is wrong. It's like having multiple planning calendars. But, I can't help it. My love for advent calendars is genetic -- just ask LoveVermont. (And, while you are there, check out the amazing advent finds she has spotted!).

This year I'm resorting to my old standby (which is still going to require some work between now and the morning)--a little Christmas tree with tiny decorations to add each day. It is super nostalgic for me, as my Nana made one of these for us when we were kids). In year's past I've wrapped tiny little boxes and put little miniature gift tags on each. This year, since I'm out of time, I'm going to use this cute little advent wagon I picked up a few years back (I told you, advent calendars are an obsession) to hold a little ornament for the day. I'll try to post a photo tomorrow.

And, as our second advent calendar, we'll be using the German one my husband picked up on a recent business trip there. It's filled with chocolate. Good chocolate.

Now, my big worry is little Baby R. The rascal, as she is so fondly nicknamed. Neither of these are appropriate for her -- and, yet she will surely want to join in the counting fun. Hmmm. Can I come up with something before dawn?

Do you count the days til Christmas with an advent calendar? What's your tradition?

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