Thursday, November 11, 2010

Taming the Art: A Portfolio of Their Own

{photo via Schoolfolio}

A few years back, I told my daughter it was time to recycle some of her artwork off of the gallery (a clothesline with clothespins in our kitchen). I had no idea the effect this would have.

I saw her secretly try to hide artwork around the house. Behind a plant. Under a bed. Behind a door. Etc. And, then, I realized that she wasn't ready--she needed to hold onto her artwork longer. But, where could we keep it? Well....

A dear friend of mine created a brilliant solution for storing your child's art -- Schoolfolio.

Schoolfolios are archival quality (no fading masterpieces!) plastic storage cases or portfolios. These attractive (and highly practical) portfolios come in two sizes - a single folio and an all-in-one.

{photo via Schoolfolio}

Now, all year long, my daughter puts her art (after it has gotten due time on display) in her portfolio (the single version). At the end of the year, I sort through and pick out a good sampling and put them for more permanent storage in the all-in-one. From time to time during the year, my daughter pulls out her portfolio and admires her work. I love watching her sort through it.

 {photo via Schoolfolio}

If you decide a Schoolfolio is right for you, order at -- please select my name (Michelle Lambert) under Affiliates so my friend knows I referred you! :)

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