Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Weekend

Well, we did it. We survived Halloween 2010. Here's a glimpse into our Halloween weekend.

Jumping in leaves, waiting for the high schoolers who were supposed to rake them (They never showed up! Grrr.).

 We carved a jack o' lantern.

We tried to make our house look festive and a little spooky.

We got dressed up in our costumes. We were able (luckily) to convince our eldest that we shouldn't (as a family) be the lifecycle of a butterfly. D and I were duking it out for the roles of chrysallis and caterpillar. And, I thought the photo opportunities for Baby R (appointed "the egg" by big sister) were limited (and disappointing!). But, many kudos to our eldest for her smart idea! :) In the end, we decided on a beautiful monarch butterfly and a lovely flower. With the exception of the wings, we were able to piece together the outfits from things we had (and a couple of thrift store finds!).

We gathered on the steps (we seem to alternate steps) for our annual neighborhood photo. These kids have been trick or treating together most of the last 7 years.

We (Baby R, really) discovered candy. Eek.

The one thing I am bummed about is that I forgot my camera (what is up with that?) when we went to the Pumpkin Festival at LL Bean. It was a truly magical event - many thousands of jack o lanterns lit for a cause (Camp Sunshine). It was especially fun as Baby R is currently obsessed with pumpkins which she calls "pum-pums" -- so it was an hour of "pum pum, pum pum, pum pum." :)

And, how was YOUR Halloween?


  1. Over the top adorable.

  2. Great family fun............Fall is the best time of the year.