Monday, August 22, 2011

A Back to School Giveaway to Chase Away the Back to School Blues

Last year at just about this time, I had hit what I labeled the Back to School Blues. A sad realization (amidst some longing for routine) that summer was nearing its end and my daughter would be back to school. Sure, I won't have to juggle lack of childcare and work or feel crabby about the state of affairs around the house, but I'll also have to put away that summer-fun-do list. I'll have to concede that there many things on that list - despite a very fun summer - that will not happen. Sigh.

With the onset of Back to School Blues, I also feel this urgency to get things organized -- to start off the school year on the right foot. So, I'll need to get my thoughts together on this. But, in the meantime, my spirits were lifted this a.m. when I saw this terrific Back to School Giveaway from Imagine Childhood. The Giveaway is for $75 towards merchandise for you AND a friend. How delicious.

Log onto today to enter. And, if you win, remember, I'm your friend. :)

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