Monday, August 29, 2011

Burlap Love.

Is it possible to love burlap?

Because I do.

Especially when it is in the form of banners. For months now, I've been totally smitten with burlap banners. It started with purchasing one for our family to use to decorate our dining room when celebrating birthdays. (Not surprisingly, it says Happy Birthday. And, already, after just a few months of use, my girls eagerly demand we hang it when celebrating.). Now, I'm slowing collecting others--there are a lot of possibilities as you might imagine. Easter. Christmas. Thanksgiving (I'm thinking "Gratitude").

And, I'm also foisting them on friends and family. My niece, for example, was required to hang one at her graduation party in school colors (hers said "Celebrate!"). And, my dear cousin got one to celebrate her new love. Check it out.

I'm pretty sure I could make these...but, why? So many wonderful Etsy folks do it so well. Here are two of my favorite Etsy banner makers Funkyshique and Expressions in Design.


  1. Love it! But when did burlap make a big return? Of late I have noticed it all over...lampshades, headboards etc. etc. The distant cousin of the coffee bag upholstery craze.

  2. I am addicted to burlap! We should get together and craft soon...with burlap!