Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Magic Nearby

I just so happen to live just downriver from Merrymeeting Bay -- a natural wonder of sorts. This large freshwater tidal bay--located some 17 miles from the ocean--is quite unique. Geologically an inland delta -- and biologically a tidal riverine - not a traditional bay at all. Sorta more like an estuary, except it fresh water. This place - where six rivers flow - has large tides (averaging 5 feet) and is home to a large population of bald eagles and migratory birds as well as migratory fish including endangered Atlantic salmon and sturgeon.

At any tide Merrymeeting Bay is beautiful -- but I just discovered (thanks to my husband who spends many an hour exploring Merrymeeting Bay by boat and kayak) that low tide holds paradise -- and it is a local secret.

You will find very little written about it, but trust me it is magic.

Twice a day, low tide reveals fine white sand and warm water. Seriously. Like clockwork as the tide lowers, locals in on the secret, beach their boats and enjoy a bit of paradise. Sun. San. And, warm swimming. All while viewing bald eagles, sturgeon jumping and more.

Then, as high tide makes its way, the beach disappears.

Sand castles and footprints washed away.


 Here's a link to a wonderful book about Merrymeeting Bay.

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