Tuesday, August 16, 2011

S'More from Maine-ly Home

I'm not sure how three plus weeks have past since my last post -- a sign of the BUSY times in my life these days. Juggling kids, work and summer fun/travel.

But, having just printed out a book version of Maine-ly Home's year one (I used Blurb and am super-pleased with results), I'm re-inspired to keep blogging. It is so fun to look back, even while moving forward :) And, I think my girls might even appreciate this one day -- especially since I have failed in the baby book keeping (which my 7 year old reminded me of).

Our summer has been busy with lots of fun things, including lots of S'Mores. (Remember, August 10th marked National S'More Day -- you can always rely on Maine-ly Home to keep you appraised of such important events.).

Yea, I even let my two year old in on the sugary action.What gooey-ness has been on your summer itinerary?


  1. yum....reminds me of summer camp. great collage of pics

  2. Love love love s'mores around the fire! We usually save them for camping, but we built a fire pit recently so they have happened in the back yard...