Monday, March 28, 2011

Still Soaking Up the Sweetness

This past weekend was, among other things, Maine Maple Sunday. A holiday not-to-be-missed around here! Since I've already bored you many times with the details of this obsession, I'll spare you from too many more.

This year we went (as always) to Goransan's Farm in Dresden. Then, set out to find a new sugarhouse -- Mitchell and Savage Maple Farm in Bowdoin. Both fun in their own way, though I am so smitten with the barns and sugarshack at Mitchell and Savage Maple Farm that I'm having trouble sleeping. I know, I'm wierd like that.

A few photos of our Maine Maple Sunday adventures....

{Checking for sap}
{sisters looking at baby goats]
{the barns that are keeping me awake at night}

{the scene. Maine-rs waiting for some fresh maple syrup over vanilla ice cream. we like simple things like that here.}

{the to-die-for sugarshack}

{my little sugar all-sugared-out}

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