Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Crafternoon: Quick and Easy Custom Notebooks

I could easily spend a fortune on goodie bags. I love them.

But, I was trying NOT to do that for my daughter's recent fairy-themed tumbling party. I was trying to be thrifty - and trying not to plague other households with a lot of junk. But, I also wanted the goody bags to tie-into the fairy theme...

A glowing ring (fairy magic ring). A flower pencil (a want, according to my daughter - love her imagination!). A notebook (for writing fairy wishes). Fairy-like stickers. And, a flower fairy crown (which will double as decorations while the girls are tumbling). Perfect? Well, good enough, at least.

The fairy crowns were a piece of cake (though a bit time consuming when you start making multiples!) thanks to floral wire and floral tape and a whole slew of fake flowers and tulle.

The thing that hung me up was the notebooks. All the cute notebooks cost a lot. So, I took a gamble and purchased little spiral notepads -- pack of 3 for $1.00 -- with hopes of customizing the covers.

My little fairy and I set to work with some decorative papers I had in my stash, a paper cutter and a glue stick. Easy-as-pie and, I think, super cute.


  1. You are amazing. I LOVE the fairy flower headpieces. Sooo cute.
    (I'm thinking bridesmaids! :-) )
    And I do love a theme! And I love that Isabella! helped you.