Sunday, March 6, 2011

Simplifying Begins Today

I have always been very organized--since I was a very little kid. Just ask my big sister who was (still is?) very annoyed by this fact. It's one of the traits that makes me good at my job -- or should I say my jobs - as mom and as consultant. I like everything to have a be in its place. And, I'm on a constant quest to get rid of stuff.

My husband has recently offered a reflection that has me I really organized? Or, do I just organize to cope. I'm not sure it really matters. The fact is that I haven't been good at coping if things aren't organized.

Truth is, however, I feel like I've really lost organizational edge. Not sure if it is the two kid thing. The two coast thing. The two working parent thing. The fact that I live in a 175 year old home that while charming, just doesn't cut it for storage thing. Or, maybe I'm just getting old and tired.

Whatever the reason is, I'm hoping that (and, gosh, I'm being bold to do this publicly) joining Simple Mom for the next five weeks might help kick me back into gear. Each week, on Monday, Simple Mom will reveal a corner of your home that needs to be tackled. You are encouraged to take before and after shots to share. It begins tomorrow -- wanna join me?

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