Monday, March 14, 2011

24 Hours of Us in Southern Maine

About a month ago, I won a "Maine Thing to Do" from 101MaineThingsToDo. The prize? One night (including breakfast) at Stage Neck Inn in York, Maine. Yee-haw! (And, many thanks to both 101MaineThingstoDo AND Stage Neck Inn.)

My mom graciously agreed (thanks Mom!) to watch our children so we could sneak away. And, we did just that. We snuck away. Would you believe that it was our first time away from both girls? And, let's see, the total number of nights without children in seven years...three? Maybe four. The point? Not many. By choice. True. Still, as much as we adore our kids, it is important to have some time for us, right?  

And, it was a great excuse for us to check out a new part of Maine!

York is in Southern Maine, not far from the New Hampshire border. Many, many people vacation in this area of Maine. But, I have never been there. To York, at least - and very little to neighboring areas. There isn't a reason for this other than my husband and I naturally choose to go North. Here in Maine...and well, virtually everywhere.

We started out on our journey with dinner in Portland at the new-ish restaurant, The Salt Exchange. A beautiful atmosphere, the service terrific, the presentation was amazing and the food was really yummy. The restaurant features "small plates" so we sampled quite a few things. My favorites? The beet risotta cakes, the Prince Edward Island mussels and scallops. Mmm. I'm still thinking about the scallops.

Our room at Stage Neck Inn was very comfortable and had an amazing view. Check it out. And our breakfast buffet (with a killer view, I might add) -- yum.

I tried to be artistic and take a picture of our view through the very cool and eco-friendly soap...but, it didn't quite cut it. But, the soap is really cool, don't you think? (In addition to being made out of natural ingredients, the soap is missing the inside of the soap - you know, the little piece that always gets wasted, especially in a hotel.)

Our day in York was bitterly cold and windy -- so we mostly explored by car. Must say, the beaches in the area are impressive! We made a stop at Stonewall Kitchen's headquarters (which includes a store, a cafe and a cooking school!). We loved checking it out and vowed to return with our eldest for a cooking class. Even my husband got into the sampling at the store.

Before heading back, we stopped at Cape Porpoise Kitchen to split a Maine crab with dill havarti panini, some delicious cookies and lattes. :)

It was wonderful to have a little get-away -- and wonderful to come home to happy girls and Midcoast Maine.

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  1. WOW - congrats! And such a lovely follow up post to tell all about it. We recently won free ski/snow tube passes from Maine Things to Do and are eager to use them.. before all the snow is GONE, that is!