Monday, February 28, 2011

Where Art Thou?

Have you been missing me -- or, tell the truth, have you not even noticed I've been gone? :)

Last week was our school vacation week. And, instead of doing our usual get outta town maneuver (which usually involves crazy cross country traveling) we opted to have a staycation.

It was delightful. (Mostly.)

The secret to success?

Letting go. I took the week off. I put aside my massive, never-ending to-do list. I kept my littlest in her part-time. I spent the week "being" with my oldest daughter. After all, it was our birthday week. We shopped. We crafted. We had coffee (and apple juice) at the coffee shop. We cooked. We read. We danced. We sang. We made and played with playdough. We planned big birthday extravaganzas. We had lunch with Tutu (my mom - that's her grandma name). It was the first time in, well, nearly two years, that my eldest and I had significant chunks of time just the two of us.

Note to self --make more time for one-on-one time with each and everyone.

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