Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Calling All Potato Lovers

{photos via here, here and here.}

I just learned, courtesy of EatMaine that February is National Potato Lovers Month. Who knew? And, to think I was so focused on the other very important February "holidays" -- my birthday, my daughter's birthday, President's Day and, of course, Valentine's Day. (Truth be told, the focus in our house is on my eldest's birthday. In keeping with our love for advent calendars, she has created a very lovely and detailed advent calendar to countdown to her birthday. Yea, don't go there. I, clearly, have not explained advent well enough.) Anyhow...

Who comes up with these national celebrations? It never ceases to amaze me how there is something for everything. But, really, it all makes sense. Here, in Maine, it is the dead of Winter. Snow is piled high everywhere. And, for Maine-rs who have put away food from their gardens (or perhaps from others' gardens) for the winter, potatoes are pretty much the staple this time of year. So, we gotta love potatoes, it's what we've got.

Frankly, I could eat potatoes all the time. I like 'em mashed, boiled, roasted, in soups - you name it. But, I try to limit my intake...and, well, I'm not sure how this happened to my two Maine-born girls (I mean, if you are born in potato country, don't you have to like potatoes?) do not like potatoes. It really even pains me to type that. Not like potatoes?

Well, not surprisingly potatoes don't make it to our dinner table all that often. But, in the spirit of supporting Maine potato farmers (and my love for potatoes), tonight's dinner is going to be all about potatoes.

Even dessert. Yup, in Maine we have a special potato dessert. They are called Needhams (and many a Maine-r has their own recipe) and they are aptly named - because once you've had one you just need them more. Needhams are chocolates with a creamy filling that is potato based. You'd never know by tasting them - though it definitely adds to a creamy texture. It's always our surprise dessert for people visiting us from away. Don't they look delicious!?

How about you? Are you having potatoes tonight? How will you fix them?

PS. Yes, that's Vodka - made in Maine, with potatoes, of course!


  1. yeah for Cold River Vodka from Maine and potatoes...!!!

  2. I love all potatoes! If I was stranded on an island I'd want the potato to be the last vegetable on earth we could have. You can do so much with them!