Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

It's a busy day here at our house. It's Monday. It's the 100th day of school. And, of course, as you likely know, it's Valentine's Day.
 I woke to a carefully laid out Valentine display courtesy of my eldest. Red roses from her and my husband; carefully chosen cards; and big hugs. Lucky me.

I had gotten both girls heart tees and socks. In a moment of weakness, it inspired me to suggest that my eldest wear 100 hearts in celebration of 100 days of school (she had told me before going to bed that she was going to wear 100 pieces of clothing and the thought of that much extra laundry still had me in convulsions).
 My daughter loved the idea. And, frankly, I was pretty impressed with myself. An easy win, I thought. Afterall, the dresser if filled with heart-adorned things.

Of course, minutes before we absolutely had to walk out the door, there was a near meltdown because we didn't have just the right number of hearts. And, she hated Dad's idea of cutting out hearts to stick in her pocket. Almost as much as she hated my idea of putting stickers on her hoodie. This near meltdown caused serious internal swearing and reminders about not coming up with such brilliant ideas ever again.

Just as I was about to blow a gasket and exclaim how much I hate Valentine's Day, she showed up with the remaining four hearts -- self-made, heart-shaped, red pipe-cleaner bracelets. Oh, how I love my little girl. She perseveres. And, her creativity propels success.

I hope to snap a photo of her heartfulness later, but just had to share the story now.

Whatever you are doing to celebrate love today, I hope it's special.

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  1. so great! happy valentines day! Oh and thanks for the great needle felting idea! I'm almost finished!