Wednesday, January 12, 2011

When Snow Days Became A Bad Thing

Yesterday it became painfully obvious as the day wore on, that today would be a snow day. The signs?

The weather forecast, for one.

But, the real sign?

The fact that this would have been the first week in eight weeks that didn't have a "blip" in it -- no sick kids, no school cancellations, no holidays. That, my friends, was the real sign that today would be a snow day.

So, I was not surprised that when both my girls awoke earlier than usual (because that is another sure sign of a snow day) to learn that school and daycare cancelled.

Luckily for those around me, it seemed like a legitimate call (I have to say that isn't always the case.)

I know, I sound like a horribly mean mother. Who wouldn't relish an unexpected day to play with her kids? And, in the snow to boot?

There was a day when I longed for snow days. And, especially longed for snow days with my kids.

But, this week - this day - was not one of them. I wanted, for once in two months, to have a regular week. I wanted to make my full some deadlines...maybe even get a workout in.

No such luck.

I've just finished some absolutely necessary work calls - and, now I'm going to let go. Because it seems so dreadfully wrong that I have come to a place where snow days are a bad thing.

So, right now, I'm changing my attitude. I'm going to make cookies with my girls, play in the snow, play some games...maybe even let them suck me into a game of pretend (I love pretend, but I, apparently, always do it wrong, so it isn't always fun for me.).

Happy snow day.

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